Draculis Third Person Game With Mouse Controlled Sword Swings


Sorin Flavius Popeanga an indie developer from France is currently working on his upcoming new game titled Draculis. it is a third person action adventure game with gameplay almost similar to Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls.

Players in the game will be able to fight through a dark fantasy world which is filled with different kinds of monsters. you will fight your way through the burning city of Normorden into the territory of enemies encountering more powerful foes.

What’s interesting about the game are the unique controls of the combat system. according to the dev, it is a directional combat system where players can input the desired attack just by moving mouse. the motion of the mouse will determine if the attack is stunning vertical swing, powerful horizontal attack, piercing attack and more. you can check out the alpha version of combat below.

In the full game, players will be guiding a group of three different characters like a melee tank, a magician, and an assassin. each of them will be equipped with unique abilities and traits. while playing in single player mode players will be able to switch between the three characters any time they want.

The campaign of the game will involve traps, getting past patrol guards, finding quest related items and more. but most of the gameplay consists of combat against varieties of enemies who have different behaviors with diverse attacks.

You will encounter minion class enemies who are easy to kill and other weapon masters elites of the dark world and there combat abilities and style will be on par with players.

Currently, the game is up for funding in a Gofundme campaign and has managed to raise €390 towards the goal of €8,500 in 3 days. if you are interested in Draculis or want to try the game then you can follow the link below to download a prototype version. remember it’s still the alpha version of the game so expect some bugs

Download The Prototype version Here

There is currently no website for the game but you can find more information about the game here

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