Apocalypse Cow, A Cinematic Arcade Platformer Coming To Steam

Apocalypse cow

Developer and Publisher Monsters will be soon releasing their upcoming game titled Apocalypse cow. it is an arcade adventure platformer game where players fight against the evil thugs with guns and explosive.

In the game, players take on the role of Penny, a little psychotic girl short-tempered girl who has the ability to rupture time. this lets her fight against the biggest and the baddest of foes and according to the devs she is basically a “Super Mario with a weapon, on crack.”

You can check out the trailer and steam description of the game below to get an idea about the game

Apocalypse Cow is a cinematic arcade adventure set in a digital universe. A cute, psychotic little girl with the power to rupture time, travels across GameWorlds to find a missing robot. It’s a journey that will teach her the true meaning of friendship and explosions

On her journey to find her friend’s missing robot she arrives in Candyworld which was once a world of happiness filled with unicorns but has now become a violent place and a den hole of thug and thieves.

The gameplay system has been designed different kinds of players. if you like rampaging around then you can dive into enemies main and slaughter them. if you like getting creative with your game style then you can take advantages of the objects around you like push objects, blow up barrels, spring off traps and more.

The main strength of Penny is the ability to control time. you can freeze the time around her and use that period to cut down enemies, jump through falling debris or escape an incoming explosion.

Apart from the single-player mode, it offers a local multiplayer co-op mode designed for 2 players. one nice thing is that it comes with Hardcore mode and a Granny mode for gamers who have finger arthritis.

Apocalypse cow currently does not have a released date but according to the devs it will be coming in 2018 for PC. for more information you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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