Black Future ’88, Cyberpunk Action Platformer – Beta Sign Up Now Open

Black Future '88

Developer SuperScarySnakes is currently working on a new upcoming game titled Black Future ’88. it is an action roguelike platformer game set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where players will be fighting enemies with tons of cool weapons and explosive.

The game is fast-paced and extremely brutal with the background filled with neon light, graffitis, sharp lighting with detailed objects but what makes it even better is the analog-synth soundtracks which give it a retro flavor.

For players, the objective of the game is to climb the tower and it kills its owner and you have to complete it before your characters explode into bits. you can check out the trailer below.

The game comes with over 100 weapons, plenty of buffs and curses which you have to manage. your selection of those weapons and buffs can decide if you stay alive or die in the rain of lasers and explosions.

One interesting mechanics is that the game levels are procedurally generated and the tower which you are climbing is constantly upgrading itself depending on what weapons and buffs you are carrying with yourself. so every time you play the game you will be getting new layouts and new enemies.

Apart from being a super fast game, the game will also get super hard the more you progress towards the top of the tower. the game also allows players to upgrades their weapons and skills plus it has a neat system for players to gather survival resources.

It has an online multiplayer co-op mode which lets you add your buddy and take down the enemies of the tower together.

The game looks amazing with sharp visuals, retro-styled music, and a smooth super fast combat system. if you are interested in the game you can signup for the beta in the link below.

Sign Up For The Beta Demo Here

Black Future ’88 currently does not have a fixed release date but after development and testing phase it will most probably be coming in mid-2018 for PC. for more information about the game you can follow their official website.

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