Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding Is Already Playable With All Characters

Death Stranding

After leaving Konami Developer Hideo Kojima independently created his own new studio named Kojima production and the first game from the studio will be Death Stranding which according to Kojima is an action adventure game with a dark theme.

Kojima as always has not revealed much about the game and expect for few trailers from the game nothing more is known it but the trailers were enough to intrigue the curiosity of the gaming community and speculation of what can we expect in the game still going on. but this time we might have some exciting news for you.

Recently Kojima appeared on the Brazilian TV show The Noite where he was interviewed and he answered a bunch of questions about Death Stranding revealing new details about the development stage. you can check out the youtube video below but it is in Brazilian but don’t worry an English transcript of the video can be found at the Reddit thread.

So to summarize the details from the interview currently the game is playable with all the characters but it still needs testing from the devs and obviously should be satisfying for the meticulous Kojima and with the testing will begin the detailing of the in-game environment and characters.

The development of the game is still going on according to the plans so they should be able to release the game in time.

When asked about what the game is going to be about he said that the game will be an action adventure with dark and surreal theme and it will be set in an alternative future with ecological touches. you can check the statement below.

Yes, It has ecological subjects in it. You know, I’ve been making games 31 years by now and I can only see that games only focus on the stick, or pistol, to kill your enemy, and that’s pretty much it. I want to archieve something different where you not only use the stick but you can use a rope and do different things. Of course you can still play with the stick but that will be optional and will be different from all games I’ve made.

Death Stranding still does not have a release date yet but now knowing the development details we may soon see new in-game information or even in a new trailer soon.

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