Cyberpunk 2077 Dev On Microtransactions: We Leave The Greed For Others

Cyberpunk 2077

Developer and Publisher CD Projekt Red upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 is one of those game which the gaming community is waiting for patiently and is pretty hyped for it too.

But with the recent rise of the issue over loot boxes and microtransactions, many gamers are getting worried for Cyberpunk 2077 and they fear that it too would follow the same path as other AAA games and make the game completely either pay to win or fill it with microtransactions.

Not too long ago Adam Kiciński CEO CD Projekt Red was interviewed by a polish investment site about the game and at one part of the interview, he said the following statement below which you can also find in the video below from timestamp 10:40.

“Multiplayer is strategically important, playing online is strategically important, because we want to have a commercial leg for service type games, games which generate stable income, period to period, which are built. Of course, every game ends after a number of years, some service type games function even after 10 years, but outside our main source of income, meaning big names, it’s building a stable source of income. And in the future, we can imagine a lot of connections between big games and service type games– We have to acknowledge it, it is obvious.”

With the current microtransactions issues in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2, it was expected that the statement “service type games” would be raised by the gamers and it did. YouTuber Pretty Good Gaming made a video over the issue but fortunately, CDPR noticed it and also responded to it.

The statement is certainly encouraging and the addition of “We leave greed to others” also takes a dig at other game publishers.

CDPR’s The Witcher series has been a massive success and their new game Gwent has also started gaining more numbers. the studio is known for delivering epic games in a consumer-friendly way which is why it is loved by the community. We Hope they keeping doing the work they always do.

Apart from that Cyberpunk 2077 still does not have a release date yet and as the end of 2017 is getting closer we probably won’t hear about it until 2018. so stay tuned for more update on the game.

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