Time Raid, Lets You Time Travel And Watch Your Clone Play The Game

Time Raid

Developer Quantum bit studios have announced their new upcoming game titled Time Raid. it is a mix of both first and third person shooter and comes with gameplay involving strategy and planning to solve puzzles and kill enemies.

In the game, you are a test subject who receives involuntary surgery by unknown people. after waking up you find yourself in a strange place with an Artificial Intelligence named Alice who guides you on how to play the game.

During the early phase of the game, Alice teaches you how to solve puzzles, kill guards and other machines, and navigate through the complexities of time travel. you can check out the trailer for the game below.

So basically your character in the game gets the ability to time travel the only problem you have to kill yourself to get in past. once you kill yourself you instantly respawn along with your previous version who repeat the movement you did with them.

The game allows players to create up to 100 clones of himself and dev are planning to increase the number even more in future updates to the game. apart from cloning yourself, you can also create duplicates of objects like if you pick an object and time travel with it then you will have two objects. this mechanics is useful while solving complex puzzles.

At the beginning of the game everything starts outs quite simply but as the level increase, the difficulty also starts increasing you will encounter more guards, turrets, keys, and puzzles. you will also have to co-operate with your several clones so it can get a bit confusing sometimes.

Currently is the project is up for funding on a Kickstarter campaign and as of writing this post has managed to get US$2,467 towards a goal of US$60,000 and there are 27 days still to go. if you are interested in the game then you can play the demo version by downloading it from the link below.

Download The Alpha Build Here

For more information about Time Raid, you can visit the official website and if you want to play the full game support it at the Kickstarter campaign.

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