Blizzard Bans Overwatch Player For Spamming One Hero In Competitive


Publisher and Developer Blizzard has banned an overwatch player and streamer for playing only one hero in competitive matches. yup so now if you want to spam your favorite hero and enjoy the game be ready to get banned.

The player who is now banned from his account goes by the handle Fuey500 and mains one character named Torbjörn and just for spamming that character the ban system perceive him as a toxic player But Why?

According to Blizzard, he has been reported multiple times by other players for “disruptive gameplay” which would imply that he is a toxic player but that’s not the case he has been reported because he is playing a hero that is not in the meta. Fuey500 has requested the Blizzard support to unban him

But Blizzard doesn’t think that the Ban is wrong and has said that they will not be removing the ban. in Battlenet Forum Josh Engen Blizzard community manager says that ban is justified and Feuy500 should have been more cooperative to his team.

“After investigating a number of the cases that have been surfaced over the past 24 hours, we can confirm that the system is working as intended.

None of these were simple cases of “one tricking” or off-meta hero selection. These were examples of behavior intended to disrupt Competitive Play. As such, the punishments will stand.

To be clear, specializing in certain heroes or playing off-meta heroes is not bad behavior on its own. In fact, we actively encourage people to be clever with their team comps and work with their teammates to counter the enemy comp. Teamwork is important and should be considered when making your hero selections, especially in Competitive Play.”

Many overwatch players were not happy with the decision and claimed that it is just making the game look worse. many others claimed that they too have been the victims of such similar bans.

Some players even pointed out towards Fuey500 Livestreams where they found no evidence of him being Toxic to other players.

This ban can be due to the newly updated ban system which Jeff Kaplan, the vice president of Blizzard and lead designer of Overwatch talked about in his developer update video and could also be the work of Strike And Risk Team who are responsible to fight toxic players and hackers.

Below is the message received by Fuey500 from a Blizzard Rep which explains to him why he was banned

I understand your predicament and sympathize with you, the reports that you have received are not because you were playing a particular character in competitive. they are there, because of your refusal to cooperate with the rest of the team hence the disruptive gameplay suspension. if that means that you are picking up a particular character, completely ignoring the rest of the team composition and the request from the people, that they cannot accommodate you to your play style. then the reports are justified I’m afraid.

As a Suggestion, if you play a particular character, I would advise you, that you communicate this to your teammates, or even form a team, that you would like to accommodate you to your own playstyle. remember that this is a cooperative game, which sometimes means that you have to do some concessions for the team, in order to have a better chance at winning.

For this reason, we will sadly not remove the 24-hour suspension on your overwatch game.

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