Nelo, A Hyper Fast Third Person Shooter Coming To Steam


Developer and Publisher Magic and Mirrors will be soon releasing their latest game Nelo in the steam early access. it is a super speed third-person shooter which takes inspiration retro-like shooters like Geometry Wars and Robotron 2084 but comes with twice the speed and intensity.

The story of the game is based on a fictional sci-fi planet named Tono Gia, which is facing the problem of overpopulation resulting in lack of resources to feed the inhabitants. to solve the issue an A.I named Nightsithe is created whose job is to go into deep space and find useful resources to harvest.

But Nightsithe mistakes the Tono Gia planet as resources forcing people to leave the planet. during this, the main protagonist Nelo is awaked from his cryosleep only to find himself as the only survivor of a crashed ship. now he finds himself on another planet which has become a home for Nightsithe he must escape from it and save his people.

Nelo is an Elite Zenith class warriors of the Tono Gia race and is equipped with powerful suit named Quasar. the suit gives the user super speed, agility, and advanced moves like power gliding, wall jumping, air dashing, and meteor attacks.

The suit can wield up to four rifles, submachine guns, a shotgun, a laser beam, and a rocket launcher. you can pick of surrounding objects and throw it at enemies dealing damage to them. the extra mechanical hand from the suit can be used as melee weapons.

The games come with an interesting feature where players can seamless switch between a third person action mode and a top-down shooter mode. the third person mode gives a better view at close combat while top-down mode gives a better view of the whole combat area.

The game reminds me of Platinum Games Vanquish which is also a hyper-paced game with guns, robot and mech suits. currently, the games look pretty good the animation and graphics also look smooth and fluid.

Nelo has no release date but it will be coming to steam early access soon for PC. for more information about the game you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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