Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Now Available On PS4

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Developer Press Play and Publisher Microsoft Game Studios have finally released their game Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on PS4. it is an adventure puzzler platform game where players take control Max and venture on a journey to save his little brother.

As the game was published by Microsoft it first came exclusively only on Xbox One in the year 2013, next year in 2014 it was released on steam for PC users and now after 4 years, it is finally available for PS4 users.

For people who are unaware of the game check out the description and trailer below

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic adventure filled with action-packed platforming and creative puzzle-solving. Armed with only a Magic Marker, Max must confront evil at every turn in a hostile and fantastical world in order to save his kid brother, Felix. Join Max on his great adventure!

In the game, player play as Max the protagonist of the game who one day arrives from school to home only to find his little brother Felix playing with his toys and smashing them. being angered and annoyed he search online a way to get rid of his brother and stumbles upon a spell which promises to disappear Felix.

Max reads the spell out opening a portal which kidnaps his little brother realizing his mistake he immediately jumps into the portal to save him into an evil world controlled by Lord Mustacho and his goons.

The core gameplay is based on Physics-based puzzler just like any other platform game you will jump, climb, fight and do more. players get access to a special ability knows as Magic marker which opens up many creatives way to solve the puzzles in the game.

The magic marker can create be used to “raise great pillars of dirt from the ground, reach new heights, grow trees to make bridges and create swinging vines to cross gaping chasms.”

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. for more information you can visit the official website or the steam store.

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