Nintendo Planning To Ship Almost 50 Million Nintendo Switch By 2019

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has been a huge success for the Japanese video game pushing its stock price to record high in last seven year and the company intends to increase it more by increasing its production and increasing the sales.

But how much units are the company aiming to release? according to the report from Wall Street Journal, they plan to ship to manufacture between 25 million to 30 million units by the end of the next fiscal year, that is March 2019.

That’s a huge aim for the company but it is certainly possible considering the demand of the portable console by the public. the Nintendo Wii took 3 years to produce and ship 50 million units and the WiiU which failed to attract the same crowd only managed for sale close to 14 million units in its whole lifetime.

Aiming for 50 million units by the end of March 2019 would mean producing nearly 2.5 million units which can be an issue as previously analysts have reported that the Switch is unable to increase its production because it is competing for part and components from other bigger company like Apple.

But even if the company manages to produce the targeted 50 million unit will it be able to sell them all? with the arrival of the new powerful console like Xbox One X and prediction from industry experts who believe that the next-gen console like PS5 will be coming in 2019, it is possible that they may give the Switch a tough competition.

But if Nintendo pushes more Switch exclusive games like Legend of Zelda: Breath Of Wild, Mario Kart, Arms, Mario Odyssey which have been the key factor in increasing the sales then it can easily achieve its goals. Zelda and Mario Kart deluxe has sold more than 4 million units and Mario Odyssey sold 2 million units just after 3 days of release.

Many third parties like EA, Konami, Rockstar, Bethesda and starting porting their big titles on to Nintendo switch and it is expected that more companies will follow it as a tradition.

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