Nutaku Launches New Feature For Devs To Hire For 18+ Games


Nutaku has announced the launch of a new feature called Kimochi Classifieds a network which lets game developers, artists, writers, and other freelancer to connect with each other by posting and hiring for 18+ games.

Anyone interested to hire may post for a given position or if anyone wants a job may sign up on their website with their resume or past work.

According to the president of Nutaku Mark Antoon, the new feature will let gaming studio especially 18+ games team get a more diversified portfolio in an emerging sector in the gaming market.

“The Kimochi Classifieds platform is our way of solving and bridging a huge gap in the game development market,”

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen the demand for mature gaming explode but have been limited by the availability and funding of developers creating this popular content in North America. Our hope here is to continue our work in bringing more incentives for gaming studios and developers to create mature content, to act as a catalyst for the gaming industry and community, and give our growing audience the gaming experiences they seek.”

The site is free to use and the major goal of the platform is to help grow the grow the adult gaming industry. people at Nutaku believes that as the industry is growing at a fast rate and this feature will be key components for developers to get talented professional and deliver even better games.

Any employer of freelancer will be able to use the site across a variety of verticals like Art and Animation, Design, Development, Production, and more.

One important point to note is that it only lets people connect with each other and is not responsible for any payment processing. so any agreement between two parties will be their own business.

Kimochi classifieds will be the second innovation by the adult gaming portal this year. the first one was Kimochi Red light the only crowdfunding platform dedicated to funding the development of 18+ games.


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