Hellbound Is A Fast Paced FPS Inspired From Quake, Doom And More


Developer Saibot an indie studio from Argentina has announced their new game titled Hellbound. it is a first-person shooter which according to devs is heavily inspired by classic FPS games like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and much more.

Players in the game take control a badass muscular man named Hellgore who arrives in hell and is the only objective is to annihilate all the demons with his big guns.

Nothing has been revealed about the gameplay except for some vague description and a trailer

It’s GROTESQUE! Focused in action, speed and gore.

You’re a huge-a** mother-f*cker killing demons in Hell. That’s it… Actually, there’s a story. But we’re not revealing it yet.

According to their website, the game will come with a survival mode where Hellgore will be trapped in a small island and will be facing waves of enemy hordes all eager to get a piece of him.

The studio has mentioned that they want to make the game bigger by adding a single player campaign, multiplayer mode and more but can’t promise it as it will depend on how things move forward with money.

Saibot has previously worked on another game titled Doorways series a horror game with episodic parts which has received positive reviews from the steam community.

If the devs are able to deliver the same gory fast-paced action like Doom and Duke Nukem it can be a success in the market. but it’s still too early to say anything as we have no details about how good are the graphics or the fluid the gameplay is.

Hellbound currently does not have a release date yet but the devs say it will be coming soon. they have also announced a closed beta for the game so if you want to try it you can sign up here. for more information about the game, you can visit the official website.

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