JKB Games Unveils New Mega Man X: Corrupted Progress

Mega Man X: Corrupted

JKB Games first announced their game Mega Man X: Corrupted Progress in 2009 and it intrigued Mega man fans. since then it has been 8 years now and fans are still eagerly waiting for the fan-made game to announce a release date.

The devs of the game have been streaming the development and progress for quite some time now on Twitch now but if you feel like you have missed some action and information then don’t worry as one of the devs have released new details on their facebook page.

You can watch the most recent video posted below and to learn more about it visit the facebook page

Hey guys,

For those that don’t have time to watch the streams and VODs, here is a small glimpse of the new Zero.
I’ll be making a full video once he is fully complete.

Despite being fan made the game looked pretty good the retro-styled graphics and the animation looked pretty smooth and fluid. the devs have even added new custom music to the game. you can check out the forest mountain theme song below which has been remade for the game.

To hear more about the songs in the game you can check out the Dominic Nimark Youtube page.

To know more about the development of Mega Man X: Corrupted you can follow the JKB Games Facebook page or JKB Youtube and if you wish to talk to devs and get more information about upcoming details then you can visit their official Twitch channel or join the Discord page.

To get a complete overview of the game you can check out the fanmade trailer of the game by Youtuber Alistproduction below

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