Death Coming Devs Accidentally Released Their Game From Early Access

Death Coming

Developer and Publisher Next Studio upcoming game Death Coming has been in Early Access for quite a while now as the devs were improving the gameplay and taking feedback from the community to deliver the best product possible.

But unfortunately the devs made a mistake and the game has been published unofficially. this happened after one of team member accidentally pressed a wrong button causing the game to release ahead of its time

The Studio did release an official statement on steam to alert all gamers that it is not the final version

On Nov. 7th, we uploaded Version 428 after fixing bugs all through the night. However, at the same time, we accidently released the game unexpectedly! When we spotted this from comments by players, we found we could not go back to *Early Access*. Even though we are mad with ourselves, we have to accept this accident.

Just like our slogan: life is about accidents and how we face up to them. We will face it. In an unexpected way, we have jumped from beta test to releasing, but that doesn’t mean we have done our work. On the contrary, we are still doing our best to make it the best game.

Now as they have accidentally published the game they cannot go back to the Early Access mode which is a bummer cause any new gamers who visit the now published version without being aware of the accident would most probably feel that the game is not optimized or is just incomplete give a studio a bad rep.

The devs have requested all the gamers to treat the game as an early access as they are still updating and removing bugs from the game and are still listening to feedback from the community.

Currently, Death Coming is available on Steam for a discounted price of 35% and the special discount will end on 13 November 2017 after which it will cost $9.99. so get it now if you want to play it. you can check out the trailer below if you unaware of the game.

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