Xbox One X 2017 Sales Forecast Doubled To 900,000 units By Analysts

Xbox one X

The Xbox One X is finally here the gaming station boasted as the most powerful console in the market has created much hype for both gamers and developers. But would this excitement benefit Microsoft and became a new winner for the Xbox Brand?

Well according to the Piers Harding-Rolls, Director at IHS Markit a Research and Analytic company for Financial services forecast that the Xbox One X would sale 900,000 before the end of 2017. this prediction is almost double of their previous estimate of 500,000 units in 2017.

So what the reason for given such big prediction? while talking to Harding said that they collected the feedback from pre-order of both the limited edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X and standard One X which made them change their prediction.

“Feedback on pre-order volume for both the limited edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X and for the standard version of the X console has led us to increase our 2017 sell-through forecast for Xbox One X. The Project Scorpio limited edition pre-order strategy has been particularly effective in driving what is expected to be a robust launch week in key sales territories. IHS Markit has therefore increased its 2017 forecast from 500,000 to 900,000 units. At this level, Xbox One share of total Q4 2017 Xbox One console family sales will be close to 20 percent, similar to the performance of PS4 Pro at launch.”

Harding later also mentioned some PS4 owners may also switch to One X as it is more powerful and also because many third-party games may start preferring One X simply because of its capabilities. But despite this factor, it won’t be enough for Microsoft to gain an upper hand against the rival Sony.

“Xbox One X is poised to give the company a boost in its ambition to compete more effectively with PS4 Pro in strategically important markets of the USA and UK. Other select markets, such as Germany in Europe with its PC gaming heritage, are also forecast to deliver solid launch traction. Overall, however, IHS Markit does not expect Xbox One X to have a dramatic impact on market share between Sony and Microsoft in continental Europe as the market’s current momentum is well entrenched. IHS Markit currently forecasts the Western Europe installed base of PS4 family of consoles to reach 26 million by the end of 2017 compared to 8 million for the Xbox One family of consoles.”

He further adds that the sales would help them recover the loss due to fall in sales of Xbox One S.

“Sales of the more expensive Xbox One X console will also help mitigate the fall in Xbox One S hardware average sales price which in recent fiscal quarters has undermined the positive impact felt by Microsoft of increased revenues from software and services. As such, Microsoft’s games business-related revenue is expected to increase year-on-year in Q4 2017.”

Harding statement seems to be correct as previously Xbox Head Phil Spencer had mentioned that Microsoft won’t be profiting anything from the sales of Xbox One X instead it will be making money by selling games.

The Xbox One X is currently available for a price of $499 in the United States, €499 in Europe and £449 in the United Kingdom.

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