Overwatch Has Strike And Risk Team To Fight Toxic Players And Hacker


Developer and Publisher Blizzard Entertainment game phenomenal game Overwatch has always boast itself as a community where all players from all background are welcomed to enjoy the game and have good experience with other players.

But there are always those players who purposefully ruin games by hacking and cheating and some just grief and flame when things don’t go there way. this makes the community toxic and thereby ruining gameplay experience for other gamers who just want to enjoy the game.

The toxicity and hacking has grown to such an extent that Jeff Kaplan, the vice president of Blizzard and lead designer of Overwatch addressed the issue in the developer update video where he disclosed that “The bad behavior is not just ruining the for one another but the behavior is actually making the game progress in terms of development at a much slower rate.”

To counter this issue Blizzard has made an entire team called Strike Team which consists of game designers, analytics, and support staff and it’s their job to weed out the toxic players. another similar team is called Risk Team who are responsible to fight against hackers and cheaters.

While speaking with Kotaku at Blizzcon Kaplan said that now they are taking stricter measures to make the community a better place.

“We’re starting to action less toward silences and more toward suspensions,”

“If somebody’s doing bad behavior, just silencing them can sometimes convince them to do things like throw matches and grief in other ways. If you keep exemplifying bad behavior, we’re gonna have you leave the game.”

The new anti-toxic and anti-hacker measures will monitor the community with the help of a part machine and part manual reviews from staff. this is a good news from for the Overwatch Community who recently raised the concern that the punishment for toxicity is too easy and does very little to make the community better.

Major online competitive games like Dota 2, League Of Legends, CS: GO, and now Overwatch are well known for their toxic community everyone game made an effort to eliminate the toxic players but has very little to no effect.

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