Project 1942, Lets You Play As German Soldiers In World War 2

Project 1942

A Small Indie is currently working on first-person shooter game titled Project 1942 where players get to take the role of German Soldiers during world war 2 and fight to protect their homeland from the British and American army.

The title is being designed for PC and will be available through Steam and other digital distribution platforms when the game is all ready to release. players will be entering an alternate timeline where the German army is the hero of the world war 2.

You can check out the official description of the game below to get an idea about their game.

In defending Austria, a great shame was brought onto Germany and her people, and her nation unrightfully given over to her oppressors. But that will not go unavenged.

Enter an alternate timeline where the might of the British Commonwealth cannot be denied. The America, wary of entangling herself within the affairs of her former adversary, is also weathering a conflict between two feuding factions… and neutral, Imperial Russia has started to enter a time of enlightenment.

Project 1942

Project 1942

The game will be coming with a single player campaign which will feature more than 10 levels where players can explore, engage and battle through the European Theater and to progress you will have to find multiple routes and strategy to reach your goal and complete it.

According to the devs of the game has advanced A.I enemies who will offer realistic combat challenges and will be able to strategies new tactics to stop you from progressing further into the game.

The mission will come with customizable weapon load outs,  combat support and more. players will be able to select from over 40+ weapons, along with of weapons which can be mounted. you can also drive over 30 different types of authentic vehicles from World War 2.

The game is currently in a very early stage of development so there is no video trailer or gameplay the only thing available right now are the images in this article. for now, they are trying to crowdfund the game through Patreon and maybe in future, they will also use crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

For more information about the Project 1942 or the dev team, you can visit their Patreon Page.

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