Wild West Online Early Access Will Launch On 15 November 2017

Wild West Online

Developer 612 Games and Publisher DJ2 Entertainment’s have announced the early access launch date of their upcoming game Wild West Online, a Massive Multiplayer online game where players explore a world themed on Wild West.

On the official forum of the game, Devs posted a new blog announcing that the early access alpha phase will begin from 15 November 2017. but players who own the Pioneer and Collectors edition will get a head start and be will be able to access the game on 14 November 2017.

During the alpha, players will be able to explore large western land with plenty of NPCs and fellow gamers. apart from exploring you will be able to do other activities like hunting, mining gold or engage in a PVE or PVP fights.

Players will be able to upgrade their character by unlocking new abilities and getting access to better weapons, gear and much more.

The alpha phase comes with over 20 guns which are historically accurate and with over 100 different types of quest each with different tasks. to make the testing more exciting two public events will be available namely “Artifact Hunt” and “Golden Road” whose details are not revealed yet.

Developers do warn players that as it a test period there will be some technical problems, bugs, and glitches. the alpha phase will also be used as an opportunity to collect feedback from the community to fix gameplay, improve graphics and more.

Currently, Wild West online is set to fully release before the end of 2017 so for such a big MMO game it is crucial that the launch goes smoothly. also, Rockstar has also announced its latest wild west themed game Read Dead Redemption 2 which will surely be its biggest competitor.

To Know more about the game or to get a chance to try the early access alpha you can visit the official website.

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