Door Kickers Returns With Door Kickers: Action Squad A Spin Off Game

Door Kickers: Action Squad

Developer and Publisher KillHouse Games in collaboration with Pixel Shard have announced a new their upcoming new game Door Kickers: Action Squad. it is an indie retro styled side-scroller game where players assume the role of SWAT trooper to deal with bad guys hiding in various location.

The game is not a sequel of 2014’s Original DoorKicker but a spin-off version but all the gameplay and action takes place in the same universe. just like the original players will be able to select weapons, equipments and other gears to tackle the goons.

You can check out the description of the game from steam and the gameplay video below

Rescue hostages, disarm bombs and save the day in this old school, side-scroller action with retro graphics and retro sensibilities. Coop MP Included.

In the game, players will be able to choose from three different playable characters namely Assaulter, Breacher, and shield each of them has unique traits and gameplay. this allows users to approach different situations with unique solutions.

The game will come with more than 20 unique levels and once the game fully release you can expect to get more new levels from updates. each level is nonlinear meaning every time you replay a particular level you will find different enemies and routes.

Players will be able to choose from over 20 different type of weapons and gear, you will encounter 8 different types of enemies in situations like hostages rescue and bombs disarm. you can play the story mode or If you ever get bored of playing alone or are finding a certain level too difficult then you can bring your friend to play in a two-player multiplayer mode.

The original game has been highly rated and currently, it sits with 10/10 rating on steam and has high overwhelmingly positive reviews. so we can expect the same for Action Squad and the sequel which is yet to be announced.

Door Kickers: Action Squad does not have a release date but it will be coming somewhere in 2017 on steam early access for PC. for more information you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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