League Of Legends Tease New Champion Zoe The Aspect Of Twilight

Zoe The Aspect Of Twilight

After the release of Ornn, the fire below the mountain Riot is all set to introduce a new champion named Zoe The Aspect Of Twilight who looks like a new funky character and most possibly a sane sister to Jinx.

According to the new teaser video, Zoe may be a caster who has high mobility and some decent disable spells. for instance, at the start of the video, she flashes twice but she also gets increased movement speed buff.

She has a range skill shot which when hit to an enemy champion causes them to sleep, another ability might be the use of wormhole she can open a portal from one place to another letting her dodge spells and close gaps between her enemies. you can check out the teaser trailer below.

From 0:37 to 0:48 in the video she uses three flashes and one interesting thing during that period is that enemies drop summoner spell’s like cleanse and flash which she is able to pick up and use it for herself seems like a pretty crazy mechanics.

Another ability displayed in the video was a time freezing bubble in which poor Rammus get stuck it may be a high duration disable.

Anyways Riot has released the teaser trailer and once Zoe The Aspect Of Twilight get released in patch 7.23 we will get a spotlight trailer too which would be enough to explain the basic mechanics of the champion.

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