Song Of Horror, A Horror Game With 16 Characters And Perma Death

Song Of Horror

Developer Protocol Games and Publisher Badland Games have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Song Of Horror. it is a third person action adventure horror game which features permadeath mechanics.

The game revolves around the main character Daniel Noyer who is being threatened by an unknown dark entity and to survive he must solve the mystery interestingly along with Noyer players will also be able to control 16 other characters who are related to Noyer in one way or other.

But there is a catch to it the game has permadeath mechanics meaning once a character dies he/she will no longer be available in the story instead you will move on to the next character and continue the journey. you can watch the latest teaser of the game below.

The story revolves around the life of Noyer a washed-up advertiser and former entrepreneur who has failed to fulfill his dream and is now working as the lowest rank in a publishing house.

One day he is tasked to find the company’s most important client Sebastian P. Husher who has not responded in weeks. upon arrival at Husher’s mansion, it was nightfall and he realizes there is something wrong the guard dog is nowhere, the lights are off and the mains gate is wide open with ominous feel in the air.

There is no combat in the games but players will be able to run and hide from the entity after them which sometimes would not be enough. to survive you will need to take various action which will decide the fate of the characters and the story of Noyer.

As a permadeath game, there will be no save point your progress will be saved through completion of each chapter or if you select the “Save and Quit” option.

The concept seems pretty good and also the visuals in the trailer look like an Eldritch-style horror. if Protocol Games deliver the same graphics and sound filled with thriller atmosphere they might have a hit game in their game.

Song Of Horror currently does not have a released date but it will be coming PC most probably somewhere in 2018. for more information, you can visit the official website or the old steam store page.


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