Ironsight MOFPS Game Signs Up For Closed Beta Are Now Live


Developer Wiple Games and Publisher Aeria Games have announced that signup for the closed beta of their upcoming MOFPS game Ironsight is now live and is scheduled to begin after 2 weeks on 14 November 2017.

For people who don’t know about the game, it is an MMO first-person shooter game which is set in a futuristic dystopian world in the year 2025. where two factions are fighting with each other for control over the last remaining energy resource.

The game features over 14 combat zones each with different terrain, weather, and interactive elements, you will also find over 100+ customisable weapons and other advanced technology. you can check out the trailer of the game below to get an idea about the game.

During the closed beta, the devs will be testing the game online for bugs, glitches and things to improve while constantly taking feedback from the community.

You can signup now to enter the closed beta but there is a catch to it. you will have to purchase one of the three packs to enter the game. the cheapest one of them cost $19.99 and is called the soldier’s pack it comes with access to both closed and open beta, few skins and GP and XP boost.

The second pack is called Sergeant’s Pack and cost $49.99 it comes with two playable characters named Specter a male soldier and Sarah Browing a female soldier along with emotes and in-game currency. final pack is called General’s Pack and cost $99.99 it comes with everything from Soldier and Sergeant Pack along with extra skins for guns, armor, helmet and a Kill/Death ratio reset ability.

The gameplay looks similar to COD where the players can use guns, drones and call for an airstrike. but the maps textures and quality looks similar to CS:GO with different layouts.

You can watch the brief Ironsight gameplay video below

if you want to sign up for the closed beta or just want to get more information about the game then you can visit the official website.

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