How To Unlock Yoshi, Mario 64 Outfit And More in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

Developer and Publisher Nintendo has finally released one of the most awaited game of the year Super Mario Odyssey a platform game featuring Mario and friends which is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

As always, Princess Peach has been kidnapped by the evil turtle Bowser who plans to marry her. to rescue her Mario sets out on the journey with cappy a spirit cap which can possess anyone and take control over any object and characters.

As the game features an open world it contains many hidden secrets which can sometimes be hard to find or unlock.

But don’t worry as we covered almost all the guide to several character, outfits, secrets and more.

How to Unlock Yoshi

To unlock Yoshi first you need to complete the game after that go the mushroom kingdom, then go toward the left side of the castle. there you will find a scarecrow interact with it this will open secret stairs on the left side of the castle which will take you the roof.

On the roof, you will find a green spotted egg break it and it will release Yoshi and to play as him just possess it with cappy and there you have it now you can be Yoshi too. to access secret levels for Yoshi you can follow the video guide below from YouTuber SwingPoynt.

How to unlock Mario64 Outfit

There is nothing much to do here all you have to do is locate the vendor and buy it. but apart from playing in a Mario 64 outfit, you can also access a secret level which looks like Mario 64 game and also has the same music. you can watch the video guide from TealGameMaster below on how to do it.

Spoilers Alert if you haven’t completed the game then there are some contents below which can spoil your game so proceed at your own risk.

Below is a video from ProsafiaGaming who has uploaded a secret ending which details what happens when you collect all 999 Moons in game.

Another video from ProsafiaGaming reveals what happens when you collect 500 Moons in the game.

It only has been few days since the release of the game so I am pretty sure there are more secrets in Super Mario Odyssey. if I happen to know more about any secrets then I will update the post. for more information about the game, you can visit the official website.

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