Du Lac And Fey: Dance Of Death Is A Game To Hunt Jack The Ripper

Du Lac And Fey: Dance Of Death

Developer and Publisher Salix Games have announced their new upcoming game titled Du Lac And Fey: Dance Of Death. it is a point and click adventure game with a combat system which looks similar to a turn-based or quick time events system.

The new game project is currently live on the Kickstarter and has managed to receive £6,305 towards a goal of £40,000 with 107 backers. there are still 42 days left for the campaign to end so it may complete it soon.

The game takes players on a mysterious journey of finding the serial killer Jack The Ripper and the responsibility to bring justice to the streets of Victorian London has been taken by immortals Sir Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana Le Fey. you can check out the announcement video of the game below.

Players in the game will be able to control 3 characters namely Sir Lancelot Du Lac, Morgana Le Fey and Mary Kelly. each of the characters and different and offers unique interaction with the world in the game.

The three characters also come with different set of skills so while on the journey to solve the mystery and various crime scenes you will have to use them effectively to find clues and piece them together.

As it a point and click game you will be exploring new places and interacting with different objects and people to find more clues. while talking to the townsfolk you will be able to choose dialogues from an interactive menu but be careful as your decision can either make them your allies or foes and this will have consequences in the story of the game.

Apart from being a point and click there seems to be combat system which looks like turn-based or like quick time events and it seems to be interesting as most point and click games very rarely have interactive combat.

Overall the story and gameplay looks neat but the characters in the game look a bit like clay models but as the game is still under development it can be looked over and we can expect that the devs will release a polished version.

Du Lac And Fey: Dance Of Death will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. to know more about the game you can visit the Kickstarter page.

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