Riot Games Suspend Vasilii Over His Violent Abuse On His Girlfriend


League Of Legends Owner Riot Games has issued an official statement confirming the suspension of Lie Wie Chung aka Vasilii the AD Carry of Chinese team Newbee. the suspension comes after the 23-year-old Pro League Of Legends player was caught in a violent physical act towards his girlfriend on a live stream on Twitch.

For people who don’t know Vasilii while streaming a League Of Legends pub match on stream got angry and was raging hard for his bad plays and by reading comments from his stream to this, his girlfriend pointed out that he was being too serious in-game and everyone is watching him on stream. and people may say something bad at him so he should just mute/ignore them but this enraged him even more.

You can read more about the incident at the two Reddit post at LoL’s subreddit [post 1and post 2]and below is also the video of Vasilii acting in a very violent way. Warning some viewer may find it disturbing.

Following the incident, Team Newbee terminates Vasilii’s Contract with them and posted the announcement on Twitter.

Riot Games also released the following statement at

Following the recent reports of a domestic violence incident involving Li “Vasilii’ Wei Jun, we can confirm that Vasilii is under investigation and is suspended effective immediately from all professional, semi-professional, and Riot-sanctioned competitive play. The full extent of his suspension will be confirmed once the investigation has concluded.

There is no place for physical violence in the League of Legends community. We will not hesitate to exclude from our game and from our sport those who use violence or physical intimidation against others.

Further within 15-20 mins of the incident police approached him asking him to come to the police station for inquiry about a possible physical assault case whose details are yet unknown.

With this incident, it is certain that Vasilii has ruined his career in Pro Gaming and may not ever play competitively in League Of Legends.

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