League Of Legends Pro Player Vasilii Released, Girlfriend Says No Assault


Recently 23-year-old Pro League of Legends Player Li “Vasilii” Wei Jun who plays the AD carry position for Team Newbee was suspended from the Pro League by Riot Games and also has lost his contract with the Chinese organization Newbee.

Due to his violent behavior on his stream towards his girlfriend, he was arrested by the police for inquiry about the incident for a possible physical assault case.

But according to a Reddit post by Reddit user OnionSugarFree he has been released by the police and he posted on Weibo about the situation many would expect an apology or regret but his first statement was

“Why is that NOBODY cared about my strength as a player? Instead, people only talk about me when I do crazy stuff?”

This comment surprised and angered people due to which he deleted his post but as it was 27 October 2017 his birthday a happy birthday post similar to Facebook was up on his Weibo profile were people were posting comments about his behavior and him having zero regrets about it,

In in this shitstorm, Vasilii’s girlfriend took to Weibo and defended him by saying that he did not lay hands on her but rather he just smashed some furniture. but the people who watched the video and stream of the incident accused her of lying and pointing out that she said: “It’s not the first time he hit me”.

To this accusation she said

I said that because that he kept playing league even after police has showed up. I was enraged so decided to say he hit me. He smashed the chair, he did not beat me with the chair. Sorry”

Majority of the people are blaming and hating Vasilii because he has no remorse for his behavior and are even angry at his girlfriend for covering up his act. some fans still support him claiming that he did not hit her and it’s their personal matter which has been blown out unnecessarily.

Honestly, the situation has gotten more and more complicated and there is no way we can know if her girlfriend is telling the truth or not. but I don’t think Riot is going to lift its ban on him anytime soon nor any team is going to recruit him.


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