Party Hard Tycoon Cheat Gives Infinite Electricity And Perfect Stats

Party Hard Tycoon

Developer Pinokl Games, Kverta Limited and Publisher tinyBuild have released their latest game Party Hard Tycoon on the steam early access and it is expected to stay there for nearly 3 months where is will tested for bugs, glitches and will be improved over time.

For people who are wondering you have heard the name of the game before then you guessed it right. Party Hard Tycoon is built in the same universe as Party Hard another game from tinyBuild where players play as a serial killer murdering the attendant with getting caught.

The simulation game lets you build your own nightclub business and turn it into a money-making tycoon. you will be able to organize parties, pick theme and location to make your event extra special, place party equipment DJ, Speaker, light and more and the most important maintaining a good security, entertainment, and booze.

Now if you have purchased the Early Access version of the game and now want to party is your own way then you can use the cheat listed below.

The cheat is a trainer file and can be downloaded from MrAntifun which contains a guide on how to install and use them. the cheats will help you clear party tycoon levels with easy.

Below is the list of cheats it can activate

  1. Perfect Stats
  2. Infinite Electricity

As the game is still in early access on steam not many trainers for the game has been made yet but if a new trainer comes out the post will be updated as soon as possible.

Party Hard Tycoon is currently available on PC via Steam and can be purchased now for a discount offer of 10%. the special discount will last until 26 October so grab it while you can. for more information, you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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