Learn Japanese To Survive Kanji Combat, Teaches You Japanese In Game

Learn Japanese To Survive Kanji Combat

Publisher and Developer Sleepy Duck have announced their new upcoming game titled Learn Japanese To Survive Kanji Combat. it will the third game in the Learn Japanese To Survive series and as the title suggests players will be learning Kanji a Japanese writing system with Chinese characters.

The new project is currently live on Kickstarter and has managed to raise AU$ 14,769 towards a goal of AU$ 20,000 with 561 backers and it still has more 28 days to go. so it is safe to say it will cross it goal pretty easily. it has also listed 2 stretch goals at $40,000 the devs will add the audio drama of short stories and at $70,000 a fully animated sequence like an anime.

The previous two title of the series Hiragana Battle and Katakana War having been a massive success on steam for the studio. both games have very positive reviews with a rating of 9/10. you can check out the trailer of the new Kanji Combat to get an idea of what you can expect from it.

The game features over 200 Kanji characters with a detailed guide on how to read and write each of them. it also comes with useful mnemonic techniques to recognize each Kanji and audio examples on how to pronounce each of them.

As it an educational game it comes with a fair amount of gameplay and a storyline. you can pick any male or female protagonist and set out in Japan where you will meet several other characters with different personalities and your mission is to defeat the monsters who come in shape of Kanji by translating them.

The RPG system of the game lets you collect new items, complete new quests and engage in Kanji Battles. as you progress you will earn experience to level up your character.

Learn Japanese To Survive Kanji Combat currently does not have a fixed release date but as mentioned in Kickstarter it will come somewhere in August 2018 for PC and Mac, to learn more about the game you can visit their Kickstarter Page.

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