Emergency 20 Will Be Bringing New Missions, Campaigns, And more

Emergency 20

Developer and Publisher Sixteen Tons Entertainment will be soon celebrating 20 years of their Emergency franchise and on that occasion, they will be releasing the latest iteration of the series titled Emergency 20.

The first emergency comes in 1998 with the title Emergency: Fighters for Life and since then the developers have released seven installments into the series. Emergency 20 will be the eighth edition and will be coming with new missions and additional features.

You can check out the steam description and the trailer of the game below

Coordinate your team of first responders in the anniversary edition of EMERGENCY! Featuring 10 remastered classic EMERGENCY missions and three full campaigns, EMERGENCY 20 is the complete package for both experienced and new rescue commanders!

Just like the previous series you will be rescuing civilians or preventing illegal activities. missions range from stopping illegal street racing to controlling nuclear meltdown and to complete this task you will need to coordinate and micromanage the rescue workers.

Players will have 4 types of rescue department under their control like fire department technical units, medical services, and Police services. the rescue units will be limited so you will be to deploy each of them effectively and have to take control emergency situation quickly.

The latest edition will have 10 best classic missions and all the features from Emergency 5, 2016, 2017 and it includes all the campaigns, free to play and multiplayer maps.

Emergency 20 currently does not have a fixed release date yet but according to the devs, it will be coming in October 2017. for more information, you can visit the Official Website or the steam store below.

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