Doom On Nintendo Switch Will be Running At A constant 30Fps


Developer and Publisher Bethesda is one of the studios who has been trying to port as many games as possible on Nintendo Switch. currently, the studio has announced three most popular games for the Switch namely Skyrim, Doom and the upcoming game Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

Although the announcement is good for all the Switch owners it does raise the question of how will the game perform on the hybrid portable console which is less powerful than PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Well, today we have the answer the Doom.

Recently Glixel spoke to a Bethesda spokesperson about more details of Doom on Switch and he confirmed that the game will be running at 30 frames per second and further explained about the game rendering.

“The game and rendering technology underlying Doom is extremely scalable. In bringing Doom to Switch, we targeted outstanding visuals at a solid 30 fps and by maintaining a consistent 30 fps, the experience remains consistently fluid and smooth. We’ve been thrilled with the feedback that Doom is among the very best looking and performing games on Switch.”

We all knew that such big titles would require high computing power and this issue will certainly cause a drop in frame rates and resolution so the drop from smooth 60 Fps to just playable 30 Fps on Switch is no surprise.

But the good thing is that while there is no difference in graphics rendering in docked and the handheld mode. still in the Docked mode the game plays with a 720p resolution on T.V not groundbreaking but still a good add-on.

Doom on Nintendo Switch will be arriving on 10 November 2017. for more information about the game, you can visit the official Bethesda website.

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