Shadow Of The Mask, An Adventure Game To Hunt Down Superheroes

Shadow Of The Mask

Spanish Developer and Publisher Tetera y Kiwi studio have announced their new upcoming game called Shadow Of The Mask. it is a point and clicks 2D game set in a retro-futuristic world which is full of aliens, robots, and superheroes.

The game has been under development for almost a year now and has managed to achieve the greenlit signal from the Steam’s green light program and to further progress into the development phase they have launched a Kickstarter Campaign for funding.

Currently, the team has managed to raise €12,684 with 159 backers towards a goal of €80,000 goal and there are still more 24 days to go before the campaign ends. you can check out their introduction video which gives a preview of the story and the gameplay which you can expect in the game.

So the game takes place in a dystopian world where superpower is punishable by law and superheroes are either jailed or executed. players will take control of Detective Alanis a stubborn and feisty lady who gets things done by any means necessary and Detective Edrick foster father and mentor of Alanis who is one of the great crimefighters of the golden age.

As the game has a point and clicks mechanics players will be clicking on objects and people to get more information or interact with people. different interaction with objects or people will provide different options like examine, use, speak, pick up and more.

Being a detective of the emerald city you can either ask or answers any questions to the citizens and depending on your choices of interaction different people will interact in a different way. this feature lets you create your own unique experience.

Apart from interaction, the game comes with types of puzzles Logical puzzles that will test your mental strength to find solutions by trial and error method and Action puzzles that will test your reflexes where you need to press right key at right time or face the consequences.

You can download a playable demo version of Shadow Of The Mask and if you like it help the devs in funding it. to get more details about the game or the developers involved you can visit the Kickstarter page Shadow Of The Mask.


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