Orphan Is A 2D Platformer With A Combo Of Limbo And Blackthrone


Developer and Publisher Windy Hill have released a new trailer for its upcoming game titled Orphan. it is an action-adventure platform game which was first announced in 2014 and was up on Kickstarter for funding. people loved the concept and the art preview and it was able to complete its goal of $32,000 goal with 1,146 backers.

At first look, you could tell that the art takes plenty of inspiration from limbo but its gameplay is a mix of both Limbo and Blackthrone. players will be able to wield laser sword to fend off his pursuers. you can hide and sneak around your enemies through dense forest, open fields, mountains, valley and more.

Below is the description of the game from steam

Orphan draws inspiration from the classic 2D games of gaming’s golden era. Orphan focuses on immersive gameplay, visuals and atmosphere and channels classics like Another World, Blackthorne and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey, with a touch of Journey to Silius. Oh yeah and let’s not forget a little Limbo.

Players in the game take control of a young boy who may be the only survivor from an overnight alien invasion. you will be solving puzzles and fighting hordes of aliens with powerful weapons dropped by aliens and military.

The aliens robots are too powerful for the boy and it is better to avoid fighting most of the times. you can duck behind objects which covers you from enemy sight. you can also disable all the light sources so you won’t get detected but it would make the terrain harder to navigate.

The progression system in the game allows players to collect various type of items and weapons like Lantern. miner helmet, grenades, laser gun, anti-tank mines and much more. all the items can be used to fight aliens but it most effective to you them to outsmart and avoid any fights.

One interesting fact about the game is Windy Hill is a one-man Studio  Brandon Goins he has been working on the game for now at least 3 years and the results look amazing.

Orphan currently does not have a fixed release date but it will be coming in winter of 2018 for PC and PS4. for more information you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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