King Of The Hat Is A Fighting Game With Throwable Hats As Weapons

King Of The Hat

Developer and Publisher Hyroglyphik Games have announced their new upcoming game titled King Of The Hat. it is a platformer fighting game where players fight to the death and the only way you can kill your opponents is by destroying their hats pretty interesting concept isn’t it?.

The gameplay in King Of The Hat in fast-paced and there is no life bar or punching or kicking like other fighting games instead you have to destroy the hat of other players which is the life force of the characters you can either take down the hats with fireballs or just by crushing them.

But you can also use your hat as a weapon and this is where the gameplay becomes fun. you can throw your own hat towards your opponent and if it hits their hat it will knock it towards you but if you miss it then it would fall on the ground making your hat an easy prey. check out the trailer of the game below

Well you can do many other things in the game by throwing your hat like to avoid enemies who are about to jump on your head,  distract your enemies, blocking an incoming hat attack or if your daring enough Leave it as bait for your opponent.

Currently, the devs have announced 10 different characters namely Birthday, Kiara, Cole, Captian Hat, SnapBack, Forest, Fatcat, Dark Birthday, Zoe and finally Washing Machine who is literally a washing machine.

The game is now live on for funding campaign they have added stretch goals up to $20,000. if the game manages to reach the 20K goal they will add 2 new characters, 2 new game modes and without a doubt the best feature the online play.

There are more stretch goals which don’t have a number yet but it reach them then you can expect to get a level editor, console port and story mode which takes place in the fictional land of Hatlandia the villain will be the business-minded fatcat who kills princess Kiara father and takes over Hatlandia.

To know more about King Of The Hat you can visit their Kickstarter page or you can even play it by downloading the demo version of the game.

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