Guide On How And Where To Mine In Warframe Plains Of Eidolon

Warframe Plains Of Eidolon

Developer and Publisher Digital Extremes recently released a massive update known as Warframe Plains Of Eidolon and seems like it has been a huge success for the developers. the game feels almost completely different and due to this, the player count in the game has doubled.

The game comes with many activities for players like hunting, fishing, and the most interesting concept the mining. in Warframe Plains Of Eidolon mining grants you different types of resources and Ostron. the process is simple but can be a bit confusing but don’t worry this guide will completely cover all the aspects of mining in Warframe.

How To Get Mining Tools

To begin mining you will need some tools to mine and to get them first choose the Cetus node and select any server you want but it would be better if you select either an empty or calm server. this will transport you to the Plains Of Eidolon, now you must search for a vendor named Old Man Suumbaat and then browse the wares for Nosam Cutter.

Note one thing you need 500 Ostron points to get a Nosam Cutter if you have the required Ostron great but if you do have enough points then search for the vendor named Konzu and take bounty tasks this way you can earn some Ostron.

Now as you have bought the Nosam Cutter go to plains and equip it. the device will give signals on the nearest materials or ore veins with a beep sound and that’s how you will locate it. to mine it simply fire laser around the marked highlighted white line.

Tips and Trick

  • One tricky part of mining is locating the source and although the cutter does give signal it can still get a bit confusing to do it correctly look at the right side of the Hud while using the cutter its the distance indicator in meters and it represent the current distance between you and the closet mining node.
  • Carefully hear the beeping of the cutter the closer you are to the mining node more faster and louder the beeps get
  • Another easy way to recognize mining node is by looking for a difference in color patches. each node’s color stands out from the surrounding rocks. for example, red patches are a sign of mineral while blue patches are a sign of gems

Types Of Raw Gems and the standing you can obtain by selling it to Suumbaat.

  • Azurite – 25
  • Devar – 25
  • Veridos – 50
  • Crimzian – 100
  • Sentirum – 400
  • Nyth – 400

For video guide, you can watch the 1-minute video from Youtuber Quite Shallow.

For a more extensive guide on mining, you can watch the video from Kittybig Games.

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