Lawbreakers May Go Free To Play Without Any Sleazy Components


Developer Boss Key Productions and Publisher Nexon released their first-person shooter game Lawbreakers on 8 August 2017 but has not performed well in the market and the player’s concurrent players are just going down and according to most gamers opinion the only way it can get more players is by going the free to play route.

But the director of the game and founder of Boss Key Productions Cliff Bleszinski does believe that the game can still make a come back with more improvement and more content in future and does not want to go back to the free to play model.

During the interview with Gamespot Bleszinski was asked that with the game losing players is it possible that it might go back to its original model of F2P? to which he replied that the studio may consider it but not anytime soon. below is his statement

I’ve got a decent business sense. Especially when it comes to this industry. It’s gotten me fairly far. And under the assumption that games are expensive, 60 dollars is a lot of money. Even 100 dollars for all the special editions that you see coming out. And I was of the belief that $29.99, it’s a little bit over … It’s pretty much an impulse buy. And did it help? Did it hurt? Should it have gone free? Maybe. Would we consider experimenting with that in the future? I wouldn’t remove it from the table. But, I just … I don’t want to get down into sleazy free to play, as much as I want to keep this game afloat and with our, like I said, our fledgling community, I don’t want to get into Candy Crush type-tactics ’cause I just won’t be able to sleep at night and I don’t sleep well to begin with.

The concurrent players in lawbreaker have gone from bad to worse according to the report by PCGamesN at one point the players count dropped to only 10 players just enough players for a single game.

The SteamSpy data shows that the peak concurrent players on 14 October 2017 was 199 and the most recent Steamcharts data shows only 53 players on 15 October 2017.

Lawbreakers entered the market of the first-person shooter when Overwatch was already the most popular game of that genre and also there was an alternative free to play game which is said to be the copy of overwatch Paladins and it is performing way better than Lawbreakers the latest Steamcharts data shows more than 30k players in the game which is almost 98% more than Lawbreakers

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