Kojima Production’s Ludens Mascot Figures Now Available For Pre-Order


Previous year Kojima Production unveiled a five-foot-tall figure called Ludens which is the official mascot of their Kojima’s own improved studio. apart from being a lofty five foot tall it came with LED in helmets and was personally signed by Kojima.

The figure was liked by many fans and gamers but the problem was that there only 150 of these figures and it will cost a whopping $2000. but do not worry as Kojima production has revealed a smaller version of those figures which are made of high-quality material and are affordable.

You can now pre-order the Kojipro mascots which are 1/6 scale action figure and comes with an inner frame designed specially to make it more flexible. the figure has 46 points of articulation including click joints which allows the figure to make high range motion without getting damaged this feature allows it to give various action poses.

The EVA or the Extra Vehicular Activity suit is made from ABS, PVC and at some part is made of real cloth making the figure light in weight. the figure also comes with moveable eyes so don’t get afraid if you feel like he is keeping an eye on you.

There is a special edition of the figure which includes a Kojima production special edition flag and will also come with a special post with unknown content. you can check out some images below

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Well, Ludens is not going to appear in Kojima’s upcoming game Death Stranding but will sure have notable actors like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo del Toro. all the three characters have appeared in the trailer of the game but nothing more has been explained about their role.

Reedus has previously worked in games like Silent Hills and The Walking Dead, Mads Mikkelsen has also worked in the game like Quantum Of Solace as a voice actor. it would be interesting to see how Kojima shapes his debut game in his new studio with such seasoned actors.

Anyways Ludens can be pre-ordered from official Kojima Productions website and will cost ¥ 37,800 which is near to $400.

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