League Of Legends Riot Sanjuro Checks Into Rehab After Getting Fired

League Of Legends

Former League Of Legends employee Aaron Rutledge aka Riot Sanjuro who worked as a lead experience designer for Riot has been reportedly checked himself into a Rehad center after getting fired for saying some controversial statement directed toward Tyler1 the infamous streamer who has been permabanned from the game for toxic behavior.

For people who don’t know about the drama On 1 October, a discussion erupted on the official discord channel of League Of Legends Subreddit about Tyler1 being reformed and Riot Sanjuro proceeded to say the following.

“He looks like a damn humunculous.”

“its fine he’ll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids… then we’ll be gucci.”

“You know how much bullshit he’s caused me? Personally?… I’ve spent many many hours of my work day dealing with [it].”

You can check out the screenshot of the full conversation at Imgur which was submitted by Redditor FuschiaT and has got massive views since then. Tyler1 then gave his own views on the controversy.

When the comments came into public view people were not happy that a person responsible for control toxic behavior is being toxic himself. On October 3 it was reported that Riot has fired Rutledge after his unacceptable statement and behavior in discord. Riot didn’t officially announce it but the name Riot Sanjuro was no longer available on NA servers and as Rutledge deleted his twitter and Reddit account fueled the assumption that he was fired.

On October 9 Rutledge talked to Glixel and said that he fully accepts Riot decision of terminating his employment.

“I fully respect the decision to terminate me…and if this was one of my former direct reports I’d probably have done the same.

“Riot has a really strong set of values about how they think about and speaks to players and I foolishly threw that out the window that night.”

He further detailed about his future plans from now on.

“Fueled by alcohol, I realize I was incredibly arrogant and inappropriate. The positive side of that realization is that I’ve decided to get help for my drinking.”

“I’m checking into a rehab center to try and figure out how my drinking led to this happening,”

Honestly, the whole situation has become a huge mess Rutledge has the right to express his opinions and say anything he wants but saying something about a guy when you work for a company who has a bad history with that particular guy and saying that too in a public chat which represent the company does make it’s unacceptable.

On the other note, Tyler has confirmed on his stream that he will be getting unbanned from the game and this decision came right after Tyler started Dota 2 another Esports Moba which is a competitor to League Of Legends.

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