Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro Port Has Two Graphical Modes 4K/60FPS and 1080/60FPSS

Gran Turismo Sport

Publisher Sony Interactive and Developer Polyphony Digital win be soon releasing their latest racing video game Gran Turismo Sport. it will be the thirteen game in the Gran Turismo series and will the seventh main release in the series.

The gameplay will be similar to the previous version of the series but what makes it special is that it will be coming to PS4 for the first time. the previous version also had more than 1000 cars but Sport will be having only 177 cars which means almost 90% reduction but the good thing is that there will be no Standard or premium cars and every car will have equal details.

Now as the game is coming to PS4 and PS4 Pro for the first time everyone is wondering what will be resolution and framerate of the game?  back in 2016 Polyphony along with Sony said that they are targeting 1080/60 FPS on PS4 and so verify their claim VGTech did a tech analysis on the demo version of the game. you can check out the video below

According to their report PS4 easily achieves the 1080 resolution and 60 frame rate per second. though the frames dropped sometimes it is highly possible that it is caused because it is just a demo and hopefully will get resolved in the full game.

Now when it comes to PS4 Pro the game offers players with two graphical modes options. a 1080 resolution and 60 FPS setting for gamers who prefer performance over graphical quality and a dynamic 4K resolution which is achieved by checkerboard techniques with 60 FPS setting for gamers who don’t mind losing some FPS for graphical quality.

Currently, the devs have released a playable demo which will be available until October 12 so get the demo as fast as possible.

Gran Turismo Sport will be released on 17 October 2017 for PS4 and PS4 Pro. for more information about the game you can visit the official website.

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