Dirty Chinese Restaurant Cancelled After Criticism Devs Issue Apology

Dirty Chinese Restaurant

Developers of Dirty Chinese Restaurant have finally caved into the pressure from Canadian and US media and politicians after they received criticism and have now decided that they will cancel their upcoming game even before its release.

Devs at Big O Trees have removed all the pictures, video, and description of the game from their official website there is no content on the site and all that is left is a public apology letter which states that everything related to the game will be removed from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. below is their full statement

After careful consideration and taking the time to listen to the publics opinion we have decided it’s not in anyone’s best interest to release Dirty Chinese Restaurant. We would like to make a sincere and formal apology to the Chinese community and wish to assure them that this game was not created with an intentional interest of inflicting harm or malice against Chinese culture.

Out of respect we will begin removing all marketing media pertaining to DCR off our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. These accounts will also be removed. We ask the press to please respect our privacy at this time as we begin the task of removing all our content.

The game was officially announced in October 2016 but the issue was raised recently when an activist came to know about the game and from there various media outlets and Politicians like Markham’s Mayor Frank Scarpitti, The Liberal party member of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne and New York Congresswoman Grace Meng labelled the game as racist and said that the game promotes negative stereotypes towards Chinese community and called for ban on it.

Big O Trees boasted itself as a gaming studio which dared to make a game which others don’t and their tagline wasBecause being politically correct is so… Boring”. but seems like they are not so different after all.

When media and politicians were bashing the game online the devs defended the game by saying that it is only a satire like South Park and Simpsons. many people including Chinese supported it and recognized that it just a game of comical value and hoped that the devs would not fall to pressure but it happened anyways.

Well Politicians seems to quite happy with the cancellation of Dirty Chinese Restaurant

Followed by not so happy Public

Being a mobile game it was bound to be rejected by Apple’s App store which has the most strict guidelines when it comes to games. they removed everything related to Pepe The Frog so no way Dirty Chinese Restaurant a game criticised for racism would have ever been accepted.

But still, they could have taken a lesson from Smuggle Truck from Owlchemy Labs a game about transporting illegal immigrants which also raised controversy and got removed from Apple Store but later the devs modified it and then released it on Google Play and PC.

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