Green Mirror A Horror Adventure Game Coming To Steam In Fall 2017

Green Mirror

Developer Bad2TheBone and Publisher Luminy Studios have released a new trailer for their upcoming game named Green Mirror. it is an indie horror adventure game set in a 2D world inspired by Lovecraft stories where players navigate around with point and click.

The story of the game revolves around Dylan Riley, who is a veteran member of the search and rescue unit. After a mysterious disappearance of a family during hiking in forests of Steel rock Canyon National Park Riley sets out to search them but during his search, he suffers an accident which injures him.

He gets stranded in the unexplored part of the forest and is forced to spend the night all alone. but the feeling of the trees watching him, the creepy sounds which seem like ominous whispers and the feeling that he is being followed makes him realize that he is not alone and certainly not welcomed.

According to the trailer, Riley too gets captured by the unknown inhabitant of the forest who are not friendly and they may be the reason for the disappearance of the family. he would have to escape and save the family if they are alive by any chance.

In the game, players will be exploring the unexplored part of the forest which has remained closed for ages because of strange rumors. the place hides new secrets and mysteries which must be uncovered to reveal the truth.

As it is a point and click adventure you can expect the game to be fully story driven and apart from the story, you will find yourself solving many puzzles which will reveal the hidden mysteries and the real motive of the inhabitants of the place.

You will not be able to escape on your own so you would have to seek for help, treat your wounds and escape the forest. but be careful of whom you seek help from because you never know if the person is a friend or foe.

Green Mirror does not have a fixed release date but it will be coming in late 2017 for PC. For more information, you can visit the official website or the Steam Store Page.

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