Escape Doodland A 2.5D Platformer Where You Run Or Get Eaten

Escape Doodland

Developer appSide Down and Publisher PlayWay S.A. have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Escape Doodland. it is an action adventure 2.5D platformer which features Doodle characters and world in an intense run for staying alive.

The story of the game takes place in a fictional place known as Doodland a happy and joyful place inhabited by people known as Doodlers. but one day it is attacked by merciless monsters who bring death and destruction to the land.

The doodlers cant fight and have only one option to run away as fast as possible or die. you can watch the trailer of the game which 1:12 minute in length and shows off a bit of gameplay and arcade styled music. you should also check out their YouTube Channels which has tons of videos related to the game.

As a Doodler, you will be running across the cruel word beyond Doodland trying to escape the monsters who love the taste of the inhabitants. different part of the world has different environments like forest, marshland, snow land and more. each level will have its own obstacles which you have to cross by jumping, flying, and swimming without slowing down or you will be eaten.

The Doodlers are small but brave creatures there are a total of 7 different types of selectable Doodlers each have unique appearances and sounds. but they have one thing in common everyone has gastric problems and yes it can be used as a weapon on enemies.

The gastric problems let every character use two abilities you can find matchsticks which can be used to ignite your fart and use it as a boost it is basically a nitros version of doodland. but if you’re unable to find a way to light your fart then you can just release stinky gases in his face of enemies to stun and slow them down.

The game comes with two game modes Easy mode which lets players have three checkpoints in a level and three lives per checkpoint. the hard mode has more coins, star, and gifts per level. apart from that, the game offers both single-player mode multiplayer mode.

Escape Doodland does not have a fixed release date but it will be coming in early 2018 for PC. for more information you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Store Page.

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