Battle Chasers: Nightwar Cheats Gives Unlimited Health, Shield And More

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Developer Airship Syndicate and Publisher THQ Nordic have released their latest game titled Battle Chasers: Nightwar an RPG game based on the famous best selling comic book series Battle Chasers which was written by Joe Madureira.

The story revolves around the protagonist of the game Gully who has lost her father Aramus who went beyond the Greyline for a mission. the Greyline is said to be a mysterious wall of mist stretching from north to south and covers the sky like a giant wall. now she gathers her own team to venture beyond the mist to find the truth behind his father demise.

In the game, players will begin their journey in the ghost town of Harm’s Way by choosing any three unlocked characters. each character can be equipped with different types of weapons and special abilities. players will encounter strong enemies and rare bosses while exploring the lost land. every level in the game is randomly generated and is filled with traps, puzzles and other secrets.

If you are planning to buy the turn-based fantasy game or have already bought the game and now want to have some fun with cheats in the game then you can follow the instruction given below.

The Cheat is basically trailer file and is available at Mrantifun. it has a file size of 4MB and comes with many cheat options like Super Stats to make your character godlike, Unlimited skill charges to use any spell anytime, increased exp rate to level faster and more.

Below is the list of cheats it can activate

(In Battle Cheat Option)

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Damage Shield
  • Unlimited Blue Mana
  • Max Total Mana
  • Unlimited Red Mana

(Out Battle Cheat Option)

  • Super Stats
  • Increase Crit Damage Percent
  • Increase Gold Drop Rate Mod
  • Increase XP Rate
  • Unlimited Skill Charges
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Items
  • Max Level

The second cheat is also a trainer file and is available at CheatHappens. it has 13 cheat options which include options like unlimited stamina, additional crit, attack damage and more. the file has been already scanned and is both adware and virus free.

Below is the list of cheat it can activate

  • Unlimited Health
  • Enemy Health Decimated
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Add Level
  • Add XP
  • Add Perk Points
  • Add Stamina
  • Add Will
  • Add Attack Power
  • Add Crit
  • Unlimited Skill Charges
  • Mega Gold
  • Mega Collector Currency

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is currently available on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and will be soon coming to Nintendo Switch. for more information, about the game you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Store Page.

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