Cuphead Has Sold Over 180K Copies On Steam In Just 4 Days


A few days ago StudioMDHR Entertainment an Indie Development Studio released their latest game titled Cuphead. it is a run and gun platform game which was first displayed at E3 2014 and it got plenty of attention from both gamers and critics.

Last week on 29 September 2017 the game was released for PC and Xbox One and since then has been trending on both Steam and Twitch. it currently holds a Metacritic score of 87 on PC and 86 on Xbox One. on steam it has a score of 10/10 and has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In addition, the game has managed to sell more than 180,000 copies in just 4 days. according to steam spy, the game has sold 189,026 copies on steam alone. you can check out the graph below to get an idea about the sales.


According to Valve, it is also of one of the top sellers and these are only the stats of PC version of the game Xbox One version of the game might have performed the same if not better and it may soon cross the half million mark.

The performance of the game is really good for the developer’s brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer who quit their jobs and had to remortgage their houses just to finish the game.

They started developing the game in 2010 from their respective houses and over time they perfected the art which was heavily inspired by 90s cartoons of Fleischer Studios, Disney. they also improved the gameplay elements making it one of the most challenging platform game ever.

Cuphead is currently available on PC via Steam and on Xbox One from it Estore. For more information about the game, you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

If you have already bought the game and are struggling to achieve the perfect score then you can visit the below link

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