Airport CEO Cheat Gives Unlimited Funds, Perfect Logic Skill And More

Airport CEO

Developer and Publisher Apoapsis Studios recently released their latest game titled Airport CEO a simulation and management game where players take a role of a CEO of an Airport and manage everything from the ground to the top.

You will be building the basic airport infrastructure from runaways, taxiways, waiting rooms and more. the boarding terminal should have basic necessities like security, check-in, restaurants, and shopping. to make your task easier you can hire more employees and executive.

The game comes with a lot of obstacles which players will need to take care of like making the airport more secure from criminals, taking care of each passenger, maintaining the machine breakdowns and stress levels of your employees. You will also have to find solutions to bad weather situation which causes massive delay and other emergency landings.

If you love simulation genre and are looking to buy a game then Airport CEO should be one of the games on your list. but if you have already bought the game and now want to have some fun experience with cheats. then you can follow the guide below

The first cheat is a trainer and is available at Mrantifun it has a file size of 3.9MB and works well with the steam version 10.1.2017. there is one small requirement to activate the cheat first spend some money on items and then activate the unlimited fund cheat.

Currently, the trainer only activates one cheat but in the future, you can expect to get more. Below is the cheat, it can offer

  • Unlimited Funds

The second cheat is also a trainer file and comes from CheatHappens it has a number of cheat options like perfect skills, instant build and more. the file is both adware and virus free so if your firewall or security software gives a malware notification then it a false alert and you can ignore it.

Below is the list of cheats it can activate

  • Change Cash
  • Instant Build
  • No Stress (Employees)
  • Perfect Logic Skill
  • Perfect Pleasantness Skill
  • Perfect Technical Skill
  • Perfect Handle Stress Skill

Airport CEO is currently available on PC via Steam. For more information about the game, you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Page.

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