Gal Gun 2 Will Not Be Censored For Nintendo Switch During Localization

Gal Gun 2

During the Tokyo Games Show 2017 Developer Inti Creates and Publisher PQube announced that Gal Gun 2 will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4. The announcement was welcomed by the community but it raised much concern regarding the censorship of the game in the western region.

For people who don’t know, the reason for concern in early 2017 Gal Gun: Double Peace was banned in New Zealand, the game is a anime style rail shooter and features a boy protagonist named Houdai who is a 2nd-year student in a high school.

One day a cupid Angel named Ekoro shoots him with an arrow and he instantly becomes popular and now every girl wants to be with him. but there is a twist every love letter and kiss he gets from girls makes him lose his energy and the worse part if he does find his true love he will be cursed and will remain alone forever.

The gameplay involves fending off crazy girls by any means possible. you can get a picture of the gameplay from the trailer video below

New Zealand’s OFLC an official government which classifies games movies and other entertainment media banned the game as they deemed the game to be objectionable. publisher PQube contacted them and said they would happily accept a higher mature rating for their game but they still rejected it and hence it was banned from New Zealand’s Steam Store and retailer.

Now at present Gal Gun 2 will be soon coming to western region so Gematsu interviewed the producer and localization director Matt Papa chief executive officer Takuya Aizu and senior designer, Masanori Ito.

During the interview, they were asked if the game will receive any kind of censorship due to recent ban in New Zealand to which Aizu said

“As Japanese developers, when we make games we do so for the Japanese audience we know the most first. If some country like New Zealand has to ban it, well, sorry. Anyway, the localization is up to PQube.”

Matta further added

“We’re not going to change or censor the game. Personally as the localization director, I don’t censor anything and I have no intentions of doing so this time around either. So if New Zealand comes around with the ban-hammer again, sorry in advance to New Zealand.”

So Devs of the game definitely don’t want the game to be censored and PQube has always been persistent about not censoring their games.

PQube recently released Fight Of Gods which features religious deity like Jesus, Buddha, and Moses as fighting characters and because of it Steam Store got banned in Malaysia for few hours and later the game was completely removed from the Malaysian Steam store but because of the publicity, the game sales doubled in few days.

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni was also removed by from Australian and Germany Steam store despite having a mature rating.

Anyways Gal Gun 2 currently doesn’t have a fixed release date but it will be arriving to store in Winter 2017 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. For more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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