Ataribox Will be Coming In 2018 With A Starting Price Of $249


Atari revealed that more than 90,000 curious gamers have registered on their website for getting more details about their upcoming console AtariBox and so finally they revealed that they will be releasing their latest console in spring of 2018 and the new retro-styled slick hardware will have a starting price which will range anywhere from $249 to $300.

Further, they also revealed that the console will be running on a modified version of Linux and will be powered by a customized AMD processor and the core GPU will have Radeon Graphics card. it would also allow gamers to Stream games via apps, give social media service, offer the ability to browse the web and play music.

During an exclusive interview with VentureBeat AtariBox creator and general manager, Feargal Mac said

“People are used to the flexibility of a PC, but most connected TV devices have closed systems and content stores,”

“We wanted to create a killer TV product where people can game, stream and browse with as much freedom as possible, including accessing pre-owned games from other content providers.”

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The console sounds a lot like a mix of Steambox and SheildTV from Nvidia and as the system will have Linux Operating system it will be fair to say that the console will support not only Atari games but also other third-party games.

We already know that the company is planning to bring tons on retro classic titles for the console which sounds super fun but the main question is will it support modern games?.

Atari is going to start an IndieGoGo campaign in fall 2017 and if meet the funding goals then we can expect the price to be somewhere between $249 to $300. sure the retro-style and the Atari brand name on the console is a big plus. but I still think Atari needs to reveal more details as the specification and the games of AtariBox will be deciding factor for it.

So till now we only have small details about the specs of the console. For more information, you can like the Facebook Page of the Atari or signup for email notification on the Official Atari Website.

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