Signal Decay Is A Stealth Infiltration Game In A Cyberpunk World

Signal Decay

Developer and Publisher Nela System will be soon releasing their latest game titled Signal Decay in Early Access. it is an action adventure game with features similar to a stealth rogue-lite and it comes with a unique co-operative gameplay.

The game was formerly known as Squad Of Saviors and is set in the future dystopian world where the whole human race is being manipulated by an advanced technology. as the only humans who have escaped the mind control technology, you are called by a mysterious computer who can help you save the world.

You can watch the trailer which is less than 1:20 minute and displays brief gameplay mechanics and graphics. the game looks like a Xcom meets Syndicate meets Splinter Cell and does seem to have a bit of strategic gameplay.

The game is heavily focused on stealth and the main objective for the players is to reach from one place to another without getting detected and destroy or retrieve the objects. you have to move carefully and strategically as each level features increased enemies and security.

But just because it has stealth and infiltration does not mean you can only play in a hide and sneak playstyle. there are a variety of weapons, gadgets, and abilities and each of them has different strength and weakness which allows players to choose any playstyle they want.

All the levels are unique and are procedurally generated meaning every time you replay the game the levels would have a different layout and as it is a rogue-lite you can enjoy the permadeath feature also the game has multiple endings and it depends on the decision you make.

While progressing through the dystopian world you can explore any part of it each of them have various resources and secrets which can help you upgrade your characters’ equipment. the game has both single-player mode and a multiplayer mode which supports up to 3 online players.

Signal Decay has no fixed release date but before its full release, it will be entering Early Access on Steam somewhere towards the end of 2017 for PC. For more information about the game, you can visit the Official Website or the steam page.

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