Feudal Alloy A Metroidvania RPG Features A Fishbowl Powered Robot

Feudal Alloy

Developer Lukas Navratil, Eva Balikova, and Publisher Lukas Navratil, Eva Balikova have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Feudal Alloy. it is a Metroidvania style action RPG game where players can explore a medieval world filled with unique mechanical creatures.

The world of Feudal follows the story an ordinary farmer robot named Attu who works in a small cottage in sunflower fields. But one unfortunate day his village was attacked by outlaws who pillaged their food, stole the oil supplies and burnt all the house.

Luckily he managed to flee into the forest with his old trusty sword and has now decided to fight all the evils and find his way back to his home. you can watch the trailer below which is less than a 40sec in length but does provide some brief gameplay which players can expect to get.

In the game players will control Attu a robot who is powered by a fishbowl. he can perform a variety of dynamic action combat with a wide range of weapons like swords, grenades and more. he can even dodge attacks and perform special attacks.

The game has a small RPG element in it as the game progress you can obtain new upgrades and equipment. these items can be used on Attu to changes his appearance and attribute thereby increasing its power which will help him to complete various side quests and fight different types of enemies and bosses.

You can even explore the big hand-drawn medieval age world which is filled with secrets, loots, collectibles, and plenty of achievements which will make you grind the game for hours.

The gameplay and graphics remind me of Steamworld Dig and Chronicles of Teddy both of the game are some of best Metroidvania game around. The hand-drawn style graphics with calm music and amazing animation could possibly make it one the game you should keep an eye on if you love Metroidvania genre.

Feudal Alloy currently has no fixed release date but it will be coming somewhere in early 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information about the game, you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Page.

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