DC And Marvel Comic Writers Conspired To Harass YouTuber At Comic Con


Recently a new closed secret Facebook has come to light which reveals the dark side of the comic industry. the group of DC, Marvel and other comic writers consisting of Issac Goldhart, B Clay Moore Taylor Esposito and many more were caught conspiring to harass YouTuber Diversity and Comics creator Zack.

For people who don’t know about Diversity and Comics, it is a new youtube channel made on 12 April 2017 and consists of videos where zack gives his opinion on the quality of the comic due to the involvement of Political correctness and Social Justice Warrior agenda. the channel has managed to become quite popular among comic readers and the channel currently stands with 38,400 subscribers and 9,432,639 views with 5 months.

Some people from comic industry didn’t like him criticising their comics and labeled him as a harasser but the revelation of their conspiracy from their private Facebook group has changed everything. the video exposing the story comes from Jon Del Arroz who posted a 15 min video on Twitter. you can view it below

B. Clay Moore who is best known for his comic series Hawaiian Dick said

“The last thing he is going to do is get violent at a con. But I’d love to follow him around trying to goad him into throwing a punch.”

Taylor Esposito the former Marvel and DC comic writer said

“I’d love to yell “one punch” after you level him.”

When the story the about the facebook group came out in public B. Clay Moore defended himself about the situation. Below are his words from Twitter.

“Good grief, tell everyone to chill out. I’m not goading Richard into a fight. Private forum stuff. Waid wants to talk to him, not arrest him.

“I’m as annoyed about this as I was when someone tried to get Ethan Van Sciver in trouble over a private conversation on my FB page.

“I sat down and watched some of [Diversity & Comics] videos last night and I’d be interested in talking to him in private at a con.

Everyone pretending to freak out is pretty boring. Anyway, your Tweet was the only one that appeared in my notifications. So I responded.

Issac Goldhart is known for his work Postal he said on the facebook group

“I’ve been informing everyone I know, but Diversity & Comics only has a Thursday Badge for NYCC. His name is [——–] and security and management are aware of him. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for the anonymous followers who post even more hateful rhetoric.”

But When confronted by Zack about the situation he said

Currently, the situation has calmed down a bit but the tension remains between both the sides all we can do wait is until the Comic-Con event which will tell about how the discussion goes.

But the comic fans do not seem to be happy with the current situation

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