The Coma: Recut Korean Horror Game Coming To PC, PS4 And Xbox

The Coma: Recut

Developer Devespresso Games and Publisher Digerati Distribution will be soon releasing their latest game titled The Coma: Recut. it is a recut and remastered version of the original The Coma: Cutting Class which was widely popular because of its root to the Korean Classic horrors.

The game is a 2D adventure horror game and is based on the story of a boy named YoungHo a normal high school student of Sehwa High School. after a whole night of studying for the final exam, he sleeps and has an eerie dream. the next day after going to school he learned that somebody has committed suicide but as it is the final exam the test goes on.

He feels asleep during his test but no one bothered to wake him up. he wakes up and realizes that it is already night and everybody has left the school while getting ready to go home he finds himself trapped and soon becomes aware that he is not alone and so they his worst night begins

Just like the previous version it will have 2D hand-drawn visuals but with a slightly better graphics. players will take control of Youngho and will try to avoid the killer and other threats roaming in the school.

Youngho cant fight the killer and other mystery creatures he can only run and hide trying to find a way out of the school. running is his best chance of surviving but the game has a stamina system which prevents him from running forever another mechanics which can be helpful is the hiding system players can hide in dark areas but have to hold their breath.

You will encounter several other characters who trapped with you but they can either be your friends or foes. to find your way out of the school you will need to solve various mysterious by finding clues but you have to swift as the resources to survive in the game are limited.

Cutting Glass has received positive reviews from the steam community and currently stands with very positive reviews. so it is fair to expect that the upcoming remastered version will be well made too. also, the owners of the original game will receive the Recut version for free.

The Coma: Recut will be releasing on 19 September 2017 for PS4 and on 22 September 2017 for PC and Xbox One. for more information you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Store Page.

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